• Acts of KEENness
Acts of KEENness

Building a strong community is just as important as producing great work. Acts of KEENness is one of our ways of helping.

What we do

Acts of KEENness are things we do–big or small–to help our community or put a smile on someone’s face, just for the heck of it. In an effort to stimulate positive change, the KEEN team donates time, talent, product, and funds to the small businesses and nonprofit organizations that make our community so great. We’re also proud to offer reduced rates to non-profits in an effort to help them create a better world.

What you can do

Little things make a big impact, and if the Pay it Forward movement has taught us anything, it’s that goodness is contagious. We hope that our Acts of KEENness spark waves of awesomeness throughout Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and beyond! Use your talents, time, or spare change to do something nice and keep the kindness train a-rollin’.

These are some awesome non-profits we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with.