Caught working safe internal campaign
Caught Working Safe

Caught Working Safe is an internal campaign we produced for one of our long-standing clients, Rohit Communities. The campaign was developed to motivate employees to follow safety practices on construction sites by providing rewards and positive reinforcement for those who are “Caught Working Safe.” This campaign emphasizes the importance of safety in a fun and engaging way and was well-received by their staff.

Logo & Branding

As part of this campaign, we had the opportunity to produce a logo and campaign materials such as an email newsletter, poster and postcard. The logo uses the primary Rohit Group brand colours to maintain brand consistency and mimics a construction sign in a fun and friendly way.

Video Production

We also produced a fun custom music video for the Caught Working Safe project that parodied a popular N*Sync song. The video was a collaborative project, with lyrics and vocals provided by the client and video production by KEEN. It combined the message of safety with a bit of humour to capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. The music video gained a large amount of traction online and brought a lot of attention to Rohit Communities as a whole.