Concord Consulting

Concord Consulting helps organizations grow their business, manage talent, and strategize for the future. By applying proven talent management strategies and advanced personality assessment technology, Concord has managed to help organizations create more productive work environments and achieve stronger, more sustainable results. We worked with Concord Consulting to develop a complete branding package.

Logo Development and Branding

We worked with Concord Consulting to update their logo and marketing materials. The new brand contains multiple shapes coming together to form a bigger and stronger whole that is moving together in a forward motion. This represents the constant growth and success of Concord’s clients.

Web Development

Previously, Concord Consulting had three separate websites. We integrated the websites to combine Concord and their developmental tools into one new website, which is now a highly functional and informative tool for existing and potential clients. Navigation throughout the site is now easy and accessible, with well-placed quicklinks and secondary menus to help move users through the site.