Current Connection Conference

For the last 40 years, BJ Electric has been a committed partner in Alberta’s thriving electrical industry. Faced with a slow economy, BJ Electric hosted a free trade show and conference to keep momentum going within the industry and to focus on product innovation and growth. We partnered with BJ Electric to bring their trade show to life, from event planning to a complete brand package.


We had the opportunity to develop the full branding package for Current Connection. The branding and logo for Current Connection needed to stand on its own, separate from the BJ Electric brand, but also work well when used together. The logo also needed the ability to easily evolve for future trade shows. The final wordmark incorporates small connections between the letterforms, reflective of the connections that vendors and attendees make at the event, as well as the connections found in a complete electrical circuit. Bright orange was used to complement the existing BJ Electric logo so that both brands work together as a cohesive unit.


Visuals for Current Connection were based around circuit boards and wiring diagrams, weaving their way around content on the page, incorporating pops of colour and movement for visual interest. This wiring graphic was carried through all materials including signage, programs, banners, maps and lanyards for branding consistency. We also developed a custom trade show booth for BJ Electric.

Another component of Current Connection’s branding included a multi-page website using the KEEN modular template. We were able to develop a bright and colourful site with custom elements tailored to a tradeshow, such as a seminar listing and registration forms, while remaining budget sensitive.



Current Connection was BJ Electric’s first hosted trade show event. We worked with the client to guide them through the full tradeshow planning experience. Tasks included naming the tradeshow, researching and implementing innovative marketing channels to draw people to the conference, and creation and management of an online advertising PPC campaign focused on remarketing and display network channels.