Edgeview Homes

Edgeview Homes is a family-owned and operated building company that focuses on custom rural estate homes, renovations and remodels. We were tasked with helping Edgeview develop a captivating and strong brand that spoke to the sturdy nature of their homes. Using that as guidance, we developed a logo, branding materials and a custom modular website design.

Logo & Branding

The logo we designed is a rooftop constructed out of the letters “E” and “V.” The icon is sitting above the wordmark to mimic a house and rooftop. The spaces within the lines allow the logo to mimic trusses and beams. We also produced a secondary logo contained within a crest to mimic a stamp, similar to a stamp of approval of quality work. For their branding materials, we have carried through the natural and earthy colours, paired with wood textures that would naturally be found in rural residential areas.

Modular Website Design

For the Edgeview Homes website, we produced a multi-page site using a KEEN Modular Site. The Modular Site that we have developed allowed us to meet Edgeview Homes’ needs of a sleek, modern and professional website while being budget sensitive.