EWI Works

EWI Works is an Edmonton-based company that provides in-person and online ergonomic assessments and training for long-term workplace wellness. KEEN completed a website audit and the design and development of a custom website to increase website traffic and improve user experience.


The audit provided valuable insight to the way users interacted with the previous website and how the website could be more useful for EWI’s audiences. Using historical and real-time data plus industry research, we completed technical, structural, task flow, and content audits for their site. We provided recommendations to fix usability issues and increase website traffic and online purchases. The audit defined the structure of the new website, with goals of creating a more effective user experience and improving search engine visibility.


Using the audit as a guide, the website was thoughtfully designed and developed to assist with user flow and task completion. The sitemap and wireframes were structured to present the most important information first and guide the user through the site. Menu items were standardized for clearer navigation and incorporated commonly used terms related to customers search terms.