Firstline Training

Firstline Training is a fitness facility in Sherwood Park that helps athletes and clients achieve their sport and fitness goals. Their services cater to the everyday client as well as athletes and sport teams from all skill levels. We partnered with Firstline Training to create a responsive website, high contrast photography and a dynamic promotional video.

Photography and Video

We worked with Firstline Training to create compelling photo and video to capture the high energy, hard working vibe of the gym. We provided strategic planning, art direction, scripting, storyboarding, and post-production editing to execute these pieces.

The photography features action shots of their top athletes and skilled trainers to build upon their brand image. Videography captures the same motivational sentiments that Firstline Training gives their clients, with a motivating storyline to challenge yourself and push boundaries.

Web Development, Logo Refresh, and Branding

The new website for Firstline Training was developed as a tool to motivate people to start their fitness journey, share up to date information about their programs and sports camps, and connect with their clients through social media. The new website also channels the new brand image through effective use of the photography and the refreshed logo design.