IVC Meals on Wheels

The Information & Volunteer Centre (IVC) is a community initiative that connects Strathcona Country residents to information and services that aid their wellbeing. IVC noticed that many people in the community were living with specific dietary requirements, but didn’t know how to choose food to meet them. KEEN combined live footage, 3D renderings, playful motion graphics and hand-drawn illustrations to develop a video that is both informative and fun to watch.

About the Video

IVC partnered with Primary Care Network and Meals on Wheels, who provides healthy foods that are familiar and easy for seniors to prepare, to develop a series of informative videos about nutrition and developing healthy habits. These videos address a number of aspects of healthy eating and needed to be simple and engaging while still being very information-heavy.  The first video in the series focuses on how to read nutritional labels.

Vibrant colours and fluid animations add interest to a very information-based video, while the functional renderings of nutritional labels and dynamic moving graphics highlight specific areas of the labels or package. Custom hand-drawn illustrations were incorporated for a friendly, approachable feeling, making the information less intimidating for seniors and caregivers.