KBL Environmental

KBL Environmental provides waste management support to oil and gas, mining, government, industrial, and commercial sectors in Canada’s northern territories and western provinces. KEEN worked with KBL to develop a custom website, photography, and a new trade show booth to place them at the forefront of their industry.


We worked with KBL to update their website with a clean and approachable look that reflects their commitment to assisting forward-thinking clients with the development, implementation, and maintenance of their environmental management programs. We used custom photography, illustrations, icons, and natural textures to bring KBL’s vision to life. While developing the new website design, it was vital to ensure KBL’s core message was being communicated throughout in a simple yet engaging manner. The website now holistically represents the brand while providing a more strategic and effective user experience.




Expanding on KBL’s fresh and new look, we designed a trade show booth that places them at the forefront of their competition at industry events. The booth reflects the design of the website to showcase a shift in KBL’s branding and design elements. Environmental management programs can be complex in nature, therefore it was important to simplify and communicate KBL’s services at a glance, encouraging prospective clients to engage and obtain further information.