Leading Edge Physiotherapy
Leading Edge Physiotherapy

Leading Edge is an innovative team of physiotherapists that offers their patients a unique experience, with access to top-of-the-line equipment and treatments. We worked with Leading Edge to develop a responsive website, corporate video, and custom photography.

Video and photography

To highlight Leading Edge’s dynamic internal culture and business philosophy of doing things differently, we created an engaging corporate video that is a little less corporate and a little more personal. From drafting an easygoing script to incorporating motion graphics in the final cut, we showcased their true nature and passion for their clients. A detailed photo shoot focused on the variety of services that Leading Edge offers, as well as the casual atmosphere and client relationships.


Leading Edge was looking for a dynamic and unique web experience that stood out in their industry, with a ‘hub’ on the home page that allowed their clients to quickly access real-time information with the least amount of clicks possible. We designed and developed a responsive website with a split-screen scroll, displaying a large amount of content on one page without being overwhelming to the user. The information was broken up into different modules that were repeatedly used throughout the website, such as one for the blog, services, and testimonials. A mixture of custom photography and vintage anatomy engravings in high contrast pink and charcoal gives the website a vibrant and energetic feeling, reflective of the personality and spirit found at Leading Edge.