Rohit Communities Interior Styles

Rohit Communities introduced 6 new interior styles for their homes: Boho Chic, New Nordic, Timeless Traditional, Green Living, Glass Tower, and Contemporary Classic. Curated by professional interior designers, these styles include the perfect elements to create a truly custom look that reflect cutting edge designs without breaking the bank. KEEN Creative provided Rohit Communities with the full marketing package to roll out these new designs including a variety of marketing materials, 6 interior style books, custom photography, and supporting videos.

Marketing Materials

A variety of marketing materials were rolled out with the release of the 6 interior styles. This included a logo, colour palette, interior style hardcover book, interior finishing brochures and more. Each interior style book outlined Rohit’s process for developing the style, the finishings package, inspiration for decorating your home, and how to host a party with the specific style in mind. A variety of brochures were also developed that outlined the finishings for each style, making it easy for customers to envision their new home.


KEEN Creative brought each style to life with custom photography for all of the interior styles. Shot in bright natural light, each style shines, highlighting the atmosphere of each interior style—from the modern and cool Glass Tower to the warm and cozy Timeless Traditional. Additional photography was also provided with detail shots of each finishing such as lighting, hardwood, and hardware for marketing materials.


A video was created based on each of the style books. These videos showcased inspiration for the style, interior finishings, renderings, and ideas for how to decorate your home in the specific style. Each video was designed with the colour palette of the style in mind, such as cool blues and greys for the Contemporary Classic style.