St. Joseph’s College

As a part of the University of Alberta, but being a faith-based college, St. Joseph’s College previously had difficulty building awareness and attracting new students. We established a new visual identity, branding guidelines, and a variety of on site signage that makes SJC appealing and relatable to new students, by highlighting the variety of courses and benefits that they offer to all students.

Logo & Branding

We developed a new logo and visual identity for the college that was young, fresh, and vibrant. The shape of a speech bubble in the logo is created using a mosaic of vibrant multi-colored shapes, representing the variety of people that join together at St. Joseph’s College to participate in discussion, learning, and worship, and become part of a safe community that is open to all. The silhouette of a white cross connects with the speech bubble to show that all things are pure, welcoming, and rooted in faith. The mosaic of shapes developed for the logo was applied to the rest of their collateral as a textural pattern to tie it together.

Messaging and visuals were created for a kick-off campaign to launch the new brand at the beginning of the school year, using “Let’s talk about…” messaging and bold visuals to spark interest in the programs and encourage open discussion and inter-faith cooperation. A social media strategy was also provided to guide their online efforts in conjunction with that campaign and their greater goals of encouraging dialogue and informing their current and potential students.

Video & Signage

To help SJC utilize their central location directly at the U of A, we designed, laid out and formatted for print production a large mural that is installed directly on the windows of their women’s residence, which faces the university sidewalks. With a print size of 800 sq ft, this mural exhibits the capability of unique creative to grab the public’s attention and our capacity to deliver and install such a monumental architectural piece. We also designed and produced sidewalk decals that reflect their newly established logo and messaging, as well as new lobby signage and donor wall to help round out the visual identity on site. We developed a time lapse video of the mural installation to help SJC announce their rebrand and showcase the enormity of the project. The video was used as both an internal and external tool to showcase the new look and reinforce the college’s extensive history.


2016 Design Edge Canadian Regional Awards Winner for Best Logo Alberta / NWT