Tacten is the largest rope access service provider in North America, offering clients a variety of industrial services and access optimization techniques. Their unique access methods enable their clients to complete industrial inspection, repair, and maintenance in a more efficient manner than traditional methods. We developed a dynamic print piece, custom photography and a promotional video for Tacten.

Photography and Video

We worked with Tacten to take custom photography and to create a dynamic, compelling video to give clients a full overview of their services. Using a high-contrast lighting style and a variety of close up shots in both colour and black and white, the photos and video give clients an up close and personal look at the highly technical nature of Tacten’s rope access services. The final video is combined with detailed motion graphics in order to emphasize the precision and skill of the Tacten team.

Print Materials and Branding

The print materials were developed to emphasize the benefits of Tacten’s rope access solutions, while establishing their brand identity. The brand identity integrates the high contrast images for the photoshoot and graphics to signify that each rope access is a mission. The result is a unified look across all print materials that is unique to Tacten and provides a dynamic twist on their extraordinary technique.