YAYbourhood Coffee and Cookies

YAYbourhood is a community initiative created in partnership with one of our long-standing partners, Rohit Group of Companies.  YAYbourhood spreads happiness and cheer throughout the larger Edmonton community with a goal to increase brand awareness for Rohit Group of Companies and the awesome neighbourhoods they build in our city.


Logo and Branding

We had the opportunity to name the initiative and create a logo that was then applied to a variety of mediums such as coffee sleeves, banner stands, umbrellas, hats, tattoos, postcards and stickers. The logo is a hand-written playful, friendly and bouncy font. There is a smile placed under the two “oo”s to represent the “smile” aspect of the initiative. The branding materials contain playful patterns that represent different types of people coming together, while also mimicking a ripple effect and rays of sunshine.

Video, Photography and Social Media Management

As part of YAYbourhood, we were able to produce a promotional video to explain the initiative to the general public and feature one of their smile-spreading events. At this event, we also provided custom photography in a first person point of view for a welcoming, engaging and approachable feel.

The social media strategy included establishing an organic presence on Twitter and Instagram that aligned the YAYbourhood campaign with other community initiatives and engaging the public with the use of the #YAYbourhood hashtag. The initiative saw great engagement from both event attendees and other organizations and accounts in the city. As a result of the awareness social media brought to the first YAYbourhood event, the initiative is continuing to grow with new partnerships and more community involvement.

YAYbourhood free cookies

We want to brighten up your morning, so we brought you some coffee. We’re at #centurypark LRT! #yeg #YAYbourhood



2016 Design Edge Canadian Regional Awards Winner for Best Campaign Alberta / NWT