We know, we know. “Content is king” is like, SO cliché. But content is an incredibly valuable part of any business, whether it’s the words on your brochures, your website, your menus, or your ads. Good content helps you communicate clearly and efficiently to your audience, it converts leads into customers, and it opens up new markets. A content strategy (including content marketing) turns words into a business asset, ensuring that the content you’re producing is consistent with your brand, useful for your audience, and purposeful for your goals. Our writers and content strategists will make sure that your words are achieving the best ROI.

We’ll work with you to develop a voice for your business that connects with your audience. Whether you’re looking for copywriting, content marketing, or a broad-scale content strategy, we’ll write content that captures your key messages and achieves your business goals, while providing the best reader experience for your audience. A content strategy can be integrated into marketing plans, websites, digital strategies, and ad campaigns to ensure that your words are meaningful and powerful.

Content Marketing

We will research and work with you to develop blogs, case studies, email marketing, op-eds, news releases, and PPC campaigns that are working hard to generate leads and conversions.

Content Strategy

We offer content audits, editorial calendars, workflow evaluation, style guidelines, and placement strategy to ensure you have the right content in the right places to get the best ROI.


At KEEN we provide ad copy, tagline development, product descriptions, corporate letters, brochures, internal communications, editing and proofreading to make sure your words are effective.

Social Media

Social media is a tool that can not be ignored. We’ll help you engage with your audience and create a solid online presence with content curation and development, editorial calendars, social media management, audits, and social media marketing.

Web Writing

Our writers, researchers, and SEO specialists will develop web content that will establish you as an industry leader and connect you with your audience, including search engine optimized content, e-newsletters, keyword research, meta tag development, and splash page content

Goals of Content
  • 01 Demonstrate your expertise and establish your brand as a thought leader
  • 02 Tell a story that readers can connect with, encouraging engagement and sharing
  • 03 Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • 04 Educate and inform your audience
  • 05 Improve clarity and comprehension
  • 06 Gain higher search engine rankings with optimized content
  • 07 Generate new leads and increase investment in your brand