Graphic Design


There’s just something about print that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, especially when it incorporates hand lettering, custom imagery, and beautiful design. Whether it’s a brochure, logo development, print ads, flyers, signage, ID packages, etc., design is the base that helps to build the brand. Print marketing creates a tangible and lasting impression for your audience.

A good KEEN graphic designer combines a love of imagery, typography, and technology to create materials that engage an audience and communicate ideas clearly. Good design should evoke a feeling, an emotion; it should ask a question, and most of all it should grab the attention of the viewer. We believe that well designed print pieces should be lasting and memorable. We strive to achieve this for every project we work on, and with our graphic design services, we’ll create materials that will leave your clients impressed.

Advertising Campaigns

Looking for a one stop shop? We specialize in full campaigns, from concept to final product, including print ads, online ads, signage, and handouts.

Brand Development

Create a coherent brand for your company by developing collateral including logo design/redesign, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

Print Marketing Materials

Develop any kind of marketing collateral, including brochures, direct mailers, handouts, annual reports, newsletters, presentation folders, and infographics.

Custom Design Elements

Add a personal touch to any of your materials, custom typography, vector graphics, and illustrations.

Large Format Design

Our large format projects have included billboards, building signage, directional signage, vehicle decals, and tradeshow displays, which can all be printed in-house at KEEN Print and Sign.

Goals of Graphic Design
  • 01 Catch and hold the viewer’s attention
  • 02 Evoke an emotional response
  • 03 Present your brand image in a creative, memorable, and consistent way
  • 04 Provide information in a way that is interesting, accessible, appropriate for the intended audience
  • 05 Strengthen your overall branding