Our research process is all about you, your business, your audience, and your goals.

It’s been said that marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. We agree. Our discovery process is the way we gather that data, doing market research and digging deep to understand where the opportunities are for your business. Sometimes that means sitting in a room with you one-on-one, and sometimes it means developing in-depth research tools to figure out who you are, who your customers are, who you want to be reaching, and how to reach them.

Research helps us guide our strategy so we can create targeted tactics that accomplish exactly what you want, without wasting any time fumbling around in the dark. Our research services can also include audits of your websites, social media strategies, ad campaigns, or any other method you use to reach your audience. Occasional or ongoing audits can help ensure your strategies stay on track.

Market Research

Market research includes understanding your audience, your competitors, and your industry to find the best way to market within it. We use surveys, case study reviews, focus groups, and other tools to gather and interpret a range of data from your staff, clients, and potential clients.

Marketing Audits

We provide audits and recommendations for your current marketing efforts, including your messaging, advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, social media, web content, and more.

Goals of Research
  • 01 Identify the demographics and preferences of your audience
  • 02 Identify market trends and opportunities
  • 03 Determine the best methods to reach your audience
  • 04 Ensure established methods are effective