Vanessa Lewis
Digital Strategist
The Basics:

What is your name/nicknames?
V, Van, Nessa, Vinny… the list goes on. I blame the syllables.

How would you describe your position?
I curate ways for your livelihood to be shared with the right people on the internet.

What are your academic credentials?
I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising. The title is misleading as the program is business-focused in relation to the fashion industry.

What do you do in your spare time?
I read, meditate, spend time with family and friends, and box/kickbox.

Who or what inspires you and why?
The number one person would be my grandma. She’s one of the most selfless people I know. She would literally give you the shirt off her back and her last ten cents. She taught me to be kind and help others as you don’t know their story and how they got to where they are.

The Random:

What was your favorite sitcom growing up?
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What five things are always in your fridge?
Sriracha, pickles, cheese, sparkling wine, mustard

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Invest/save a portion, donate some, buy a new home and take a vacay

What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
Avocado toast with chili oil and a fried egg

If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get?
A Siberian tiger. When I was young, I saw a vintage photo of Melanie Griffith with a pet tiger. It was a light bulb moment that I could have a tiger. Unfortunately, I still don’t have one.