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You have big dreams, lofty goals, and a commitment to achieving them. We have the talent, team, expertise, and road map to get you there. As a creative marketing partner, we help brands explore the What If’s, tell their stories, build their business, and create an impact.
We Are Enthusiastic In Our Work, Our Craft, Our Clients, Our Company And Our Team.
We are loyally committed to the betterment of our clients, community, and company. We do what it takes to Get. It. Done.
We are one collaborative, supportive, and encouraging team.We are all hands on deck, no egos.
We approach every personal interaction in a positive, nurturing, and respectful manner. We truly care for our clients, our company, and above all, our team.
We continuously strive to grow and better ourselves in our craft, our skills, our knowledge, and our lives overall.
We are playful, spirited, childlike, inventive, and see the world with open and innovative eyes. We enjoy what we do and who we do it with.

What's in
a name?

So why KEEN you ask? Our name is something that was hugely important to us. We wanted it to represent not just what we do, but who we are. A word that is simple in form, but complex in function. KEEN is to be sharp, exact, and have clear vision. It is also to be wildly enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated, and driven. It is synonymous with being bold, brave, and clever. Roll it all together… that’s KEEN.

Meet the KEENers

“KEENer” is a uniquely Canadian word, meaning someone who is eager, passionate, and enthusiastic to participate.

In 2003
KEEN started
as an idea.

A What If? A Childhood passion, and exploratory dream. From a basement start-up, we took steps, strides, and leaps to grow. We quickly realized that it couldn’t be done alone. We needed people, passionate people, people dedicated to doing great things. Big things, Big ideas. Big Impact. To get there it would take a team. A team of creators, innovators, thinkers, disruptors, developers, inventors, rule-breakers, and explorers.

Together we grew. Grew business, clients, companies, followers, leaders, and team. Today we continue to grow. Continue to create. Continue to inspire. Together, we will change the world.

Awesome people
we've worked with

Foutain Tire
Edmonton Economic Development
Rohit Group of Companies
L7 Architecture
Buok Fresh
City of Edmonton
Alberta Innovates
Strathcona County
Mint Drugs