What is Brand Equity?

People are more likely to select a brand that they recognize, trust and perceive to be in line with their beliefs and values. Brand equity is the increased value a business receives when a brand is able to influence consumers’ behaviour and can provide the security of sustained future revenue.


Unique Market Position

More than a statement, its action. Working to define where your brand sits in the marketplace and how it will make an impact through differentiating from your competitors. From client experience to pricing strategies, determining what makes your brand a leader in the market and leveraging your position to grow.

Recognized & Understood

Are you willing to pay more for the brand you love? The value of a brand is in the existence of knowing the effect it has on its users, followers, and consumers. Building awareness that allows for your brand to have greater impact and develop greater market share is what will allow your business to continue creating and growing.

Shared Beliefs & Values

Producing a story that allows your clients to connect with your brand on a higher level. Creating a feeling of shared connection that establishes a brand that your clients will notice, listen to and act on. What does your brand value resonate outwards through experience, through messaging and through look and feel?

Positive Relationship & Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of a good relationship, this applies to your brand. What are the qualities that build trust with your clients, are they engaging positively with your brand? Do they have the belief that your brand is competent, honest, consistent and responsible? Going beyond the construct of a name or an image, building and maintaining a positive brand experience is what will grow a customer base that is both loyal and advocates for your brand.

In 2003, KEEN started
as an idea

A What If? A Childhood passion, and exploratory dream. From a basement start-up, we took steps, strides, and leaps to grow. We quickly realized that it couldn’t be done alone. We needed people, passionate people, people dedicated to doing great things. Big things, Big ideas. Big Impact. To get there it would take a team. A team of creators, innovators, thinkers, disruptors, developers, inventors, rule-breakers, and explorers.

Together we grew. Grew business, clients, companies, followers, leaders, and team. Today we continue to grow. Continue to create. Continue to inspire. Together, we will change the world.

We create a meaningful,
positive impact


We are enthusiastic in our work, our craft, our clients, our company and our team.


We are loyally committed to the betterment of our clients, community, and company. We do what it takes to Get. It. Done.


We are one collaborative, supportive, and encouraging team.We are all hands on deck, no egos.


We approach every personal interaction in a positive, nurturing, and respectful manner. We truly care for our clients, our company, and above all, our team.


We continuously strive to grow and better ourselves in our craft, our skills, our knowledge, and our lives overall.


We are playful, spirited, childlike, inventive, and see the world with open and innovative eyes. We enjoy what we do and who we do it with.

Awesome people
we've worked with

Alberta Innovates
Clark Builders
The City of Edmonton
EO Edmonton
fRI Research
Fountain Tire
General Recycling
Kitikmeot Corporation
L7 Architecture
Mint Health & Drugs
Rohit Group of Companies
Skills Canada Alberta
Sterling Crane
Strathcona County