Steph Aubin


Sunshine & Spreadsheets.

As a Co-founder of KEEN, I've been there as a solid, albeit in the background, support for the company. Numbers and paperwork and reports and other non-creative, but essential things are where I get to focus my skills. #Nerdalert. But, being the person who is in charge of pay cheques and benefits means I'm everybody's favourite! It may not be the most flashy or coveted role, but I love it. It has been such a joy to be part of the KEEN team from day one, and to see the company grow and evolve over the years! If I'm not crunching numbers or running a random KEEN errand, you will most likely find me in a baking recipe experiment, shuttling our kids around, or searching out a spot in the sunshine with some good company and a latte or margarita in hand! (depending on what time of day it is, of course).

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