How we do it

Step 1

Strategy & Foundation

There's lots to discover with a brand. Where does it fit? Who does it speak to? Who competes with it? We start the process by creating a strategic foundation and determining the core tenets of its position and build on what makes it different, engaging and valuable.
Step 2

Develop & Implement

From concept to reality, we put the building blocks together and then implement and execute on brand materials in the appropriate marketing channels. This process is detailed and in depth to ensure we can approach implementation of the brand on every level, including strategy, messaging, visuals, and customer experience.
Step 3

Test & Measure

We intentionally apply marketing tactics that can be tested and measured for success with your audience. Gaining a deeper understanding of how your brand resonates with your consumer and taking the time to measure the results, iterate and adjust accordingly.
Step 4

Nurture & Grow

Through listening, adapting, evolving, and engaging, we leverage targeted content and focus on multiple touch points to nurture engagement with your audience while strategically growing your brand to new audiences and markets.

Building your Brand Equity


Create a new brand

More than just a product or logo, a strong brand is a valuable asset to your business. Taking a deep dive into your business, clients and communities, we discover your uniques and create a brand that is positioned for growth in positive equity.
Digital Branding

Strengthen your brand online

Going online is easy but having a presence with impact takes work. Business growth happens when people know who you are and where to find you. KEEN works through strategies that build and grow your online presence allowing you to be where your customers are, and engaging with them through the channels they are already using.
Brand Expansion

Grow your brand

It's time for the next stage, your business is growing and your brand is evolving. Working with your team to expand your reach, your message and your vision, KEEN leverages your existing brand and helps you to build it stronger, taking you further.

Revitalize your brand

We all need a refresh now and then, and when it comes to a brand it can be more of a rebirth. Taking a hard look at your business and the efforts that helped you succeed in the past, we build strategies to help you step forward into the now.
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Not sure where to start?

We can help your team determine where to start as your brand journey begins and your business evolves. Book a chat with us, either in person or virtually!

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