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Web Audit

Already have a website? Great, let's take a look under the hood. We evaluate your website performance and review how the results align with your goals. We identify gaps and bring focus to the opportunities, leaving no code unturned. We make recommendations to support your business growth online.

Website Development

A key tool in your marketing strategy, we plan, design and develop your website with the customer experience in mind, connecting your online presence with your brand experience. As a full service creative marketing agency we take your site from concept to launch and beyond.

Digital Channels

Your online presence is more than a website; it's an ecosystem of deliberate integrations onto platforms that build your brand awareness and foster engagement. Your online presence can have a huge impact on how customers interact with your business, so planning a proper execution is essential. At KEEN we apply, manage and measure brand performance on all the necessary and appropriate channels including social media, online advertisements, reviews and SEO.

Reporting & Analytics

What's working and what needs work? The beauty of digital marketing is the data that provides the voice of your client through clicks, likes and comments. We can track engagement across platforms and channels providing you with a picture of who, what, where and when people are connecting with your brand. We create an ongoing reporting cadence giving you the insights you need and want.

Maintenance & Updates

Like an instrument, every online tool needs a tune up and a tweak to keep up with updates in technology. We provide ongoing maintenance of your website ensuring continuous service to you and your customers. We dig into your SEO and ensure your website is being found by search engines and update your ads to keep them aligned with your brand strategy.

Content Engagement

Knowing what to say, and how to say it begins with knowing who you are talking to. We support you in the continuous need to produce relevant and engaging content that elevates your brand’s awareness and perception with your target market. Your brand equity grows when a positive resonance in your brand voice is heard and felt.

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