General Recyling

Your Complete Recycling Company

Restructuring General’s digital strategy and design to become the recycling company of choice.

The Project

Since 1976, General Recycling has remained a leader in scrap metal recycling. By auditing and optimizing their Google campaign strategy, we positioned General Recycling to become more competitive while also communicating their mission and range of services.

After reviewing General Recycling’s annual marketing budget, KEEN conducted an SEO audit and competitive analysis. Based on our data, we restructured General Recycling’s website architecture and defined new landing pages, which resulted in increased organic and paid traffic to their website. With new landing pages in place for the specific metals based on performance and demand there is opportunity to enhance the overall user experience. We revitalized their design to create a more modern look and provided clarity on their services, products, process, and mission. We also dedicated a page to their shredder, highlighting General Recycling’s commitment to invest in cutting-edge technologies for more sustainable processes. The KEEN team designed the digital campaigns based on the initial analysis to improve optimization and reflect industry demand. Campaigns focused on particular metals General Recycling accepts, such as copper, stainless steel, and brass, creating calls to action based on consumer search and behavior trends. The metal-focused landing pages created more relevance in searches, allowing General Recycling Ads to perform better overall.


  • Increased Sales & Conversions
  • Digital Growth