Genesis by RMA Insurance

Tree of Knowledge

Insurance doesn’t have to be dry. We built a fun, interactive education tool to bring it to life.

The Project

The Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) wanted a friendly, digital presentation tool to educate people about their Genesis Reciprocal Insurance Exchange and address common questions. What is a reciprocal? How does it work? How are premiums decided? Starting from the theme of a tree growing, KEEN worked alongside Genesis to expand upon their brand and increase customer lifetime value.

The first step was turning an idea to a concept. In an effort to create a more memorable and engaging client experience, Genesis wanted to utilize natural elements and animals to tell their brand story, educating their audience on the Genesis’s brand story and the reciprocal insurance processes. We strategically picked specific symbolisms and stories to represent each topic, ensuring the analogies used helped further educate the audience in a way that was digestible. Our KEEN team led a Web Workshop to collaboratively storyboard their ideas and determine graphical style. Once we defined an action plan, our team began working alongside the Genesis team to design and develop each page — connecting in weekly meetings to discuss direction and content, and to keep the project on track. We built the digital tool in a phased approach so that the Genesis team could have a working model up and ready fast, and we could roll out the more intensive versions later as they were approved. To bring concepts to life, our KEEN team created custom illustrations and animations that were developed to load more efficiently than traditional animation methods. This was an important consideration for the Genesis team, as the tool needed to work effectively in rural communities where internet speed can be spotty. Our KEEN team also needed to build the website in such a way that people on the Genesis who cannot write code could still update the website if needed. Our final output is an interactive-learning tool that allows Genesis to clearly communicate their story, services, and process to both new and existing customers on different devices. Our digital set up custom tracking and analytics to help track user behaviour and patterns. This web tool sets Genesis up for future brand expansion and their comprehensive storytelling helps further subscribers’ understanding of reciprocal insurance, creating brand advocates.


  • Increased Share Value
  • Market Expansion
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • Digital Growth
  • Increased Brand Advocates