Connect Your Boat & Float

Strategic brand positioning and a digital presence took The HookCups from a successful starter to a connection that grew worldwide.

The Project

The HookCups is a boat connection accessory that was looking to take their starter product to the next level. They have a growing number of retailers across North America and other international markets. KEEN strategically developed their brand messaging, graphics and positioning to reach a more diversified audience and increased opportunities into new markets.

After a successful product launch, The HookCups was ready for a strategic marketing partner to make a splash as they expanded into new markets, while also defining their brand positioning. We started by refining their current brand messaging, reaching a more family-friendly audience while also providing clarity on the product’s function — which is how we came up with their new tagline “Connect your boat and float”. As they were gearing up for their second launch, our KEENers began workshopping The HookCups new website — aligning their new brand messaging and incorporating a more robust e-commerce site to support future growth. Since then our team has continued to revise the site to support new oncoming retailers and sales agents. We’ve integrated Google tracking, reviewing digital traffic and analytics to provide new data-driven solutions. We’ve also grown and established The HookCups digital presence. Through a combination of lifestyle photos, product-use content, and engaging videos, we’ve managed to rapidly grow their social platforms to help educate and increase brand awareness! Other tools such as targeted Google Ad campaigns and generating more newsletter signups creates more avenues for potential or existing customers and retailers to engage with the brand and learn more — creating brand ambassadors. The HookCups are now connecting boaters across the globe while their brand and digital presence continues to grow and make a splash into new markets.


  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Share Value
  • Market Penetration
  • Increased Business Scale
  • Digital Growth
  • Increased Brand Advocates
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Reduced Internal Expenses