EO Edmonton

Rocket Fuel

We helped launch an exciting year of events and entrepreneurial energy at EO Edmonton.

The Project

EO Edmonton was founded in 1991 with the mission to engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow while maximizing the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Each year a new brand theme is chosen by the incoming president answering the question “What does EO mean to me?” Answering this question for the 2022–2023 year was KEEN’s CEO Matt Aubin. His answer … Rocket Fuel! KEEN started our engines and put on our creative helmets to create a brand theme that launched the president’s vision for the year.

KEEN worked with EO Edmonton to create and implement a brand theme for the 2022–2023 year: Rocket Fuel. Engaging with our client, our team worked together to understand what Rocket Fuel means to the President and had a collaborative brainstorming session to figure out the brand visual direction. With extensive research, the visuals for Rocket Fuel became a retro and energetic intergalactic experience. Following the chosen concept, KEEN focused on implementing this brand. From custom headshots, videos, beverage labels, tradeshow assets, the EO Edmonton website, and more. Everything that was touched had a fun spark of Rocket Fuel. Over the years, many brand themes have been created based on what EO meant to past presidents. 2021–2022: Go! 2020–2021: Amplify 2019–2020: Connection


  • Increased Business Scale
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • Increased Brand Advocates