Pet Friendly Data Trends

To tackle Westcorp’s property vacancies, we built an adaptable digital strategy — with some cute dogs.

The Project

Westcorp partners with KEEN to maintain consistent traffic and quality leads to the Westcorp residential properties. The goal is to fill vacancies for their properties throughout Edmonton and Calgary with search and display campaigns tailored to each property. The Google conversion tags were set up to track high-engagement CTA’s on the website, such as “pet-friendly”.

Our primary approach to this project started with taking into consideration the overall goals and objectives Westcorp was wanting to achieve through their digital campaigns. The first thing we did for Westcorp was evaluate the various properties we would be creating ad campaigns for. While looking at these properties, we focused on the messaging, geographic location, and audience groups for the ads. In Westcorps case, the audiences were drastically different depending on the property. It would range from Students to business professionals to families. Once the initial research had been completed, the KEEN team created various search and display campaigns with conversions based on the campaign objective. Google Ads conversions and Facebook Pixel event tags provided not only qualified leads but also an understanding of the behaviour flow of users. After the ads launched, we regularly checked in and optimized the campaigns as needed. Understanding the needs and patterns of the searches, we were able to determine that “pet-friendly” has significant importance to the target audience, by adding this as a keyword, and any variation of it - boosted the overall CTR of the campaigns by 50% Ongoing collaboration, communication, and quarterly results review meetings are crucial in growing Westcorp’s digital brand. The meetings between Westcorp and KEEN serve as a check-in point to review the overall digital ads performance and discuss company goals. These goals are reflected in changes to the Google or Facebook Ads campaigns. Over the years, we’ve successfully driven qualified leads to Westcorp properties through Google Ads, which has helped fill their vacancies. We look forward to continuing using the latest digital marketing tactics to ensure their goals are met.


  • Increased Sales & Conversions
  • Digital Growth