Fostering Lifelong Independence

Providing an established senior’s housing not-for-profit with a refreshed brand and a revitalized digital presence that can resonate across all generations.

The Project

The Evergreens Foundation (EGF) is a Not-For-Profit that provides seniors with housing options in the heart of their communities. EGF proudly supports its residents in maintaining a lifestyle that is affordable, comfortable and lively. KEEN collaborated with The EGF team to redefine their messaging to communicate value, elevate their branding with a modern approach and create a robust digital presence that would speak to diverse audiences.

The Evergreens Foundation (EGF) knew that the brand needed help in communicating their offerings and housing solutions for seniors living in communities throughout Alberta. The digital marketing strategy needed to speak to different target audiences as the process of choosing a home for a loved one often involves more people than just the resident. KEEN understood the importance of having the right message reach the right people by having an informative, relevant and robust website. In preparation for a Brand Refresh, KEEN conducted a thorough audit that involved more than just looking at the brand’s assets but going past the first layer to uncover what made EGF special. To begin the process of rebranding and refreshing the marketing assets of EGF, KEEN began with an in-depth Discovery workshop that dug deeper into the brand’s positioning, target audiences, competitors, messaging and values. This initial step allowed for EGF to involve stakeholders, internal staff and target audiences to truly discuss what the foundation meant to them. With that understanding, KEEN was able to develop a branding strategy that would resonate and elevate the brand. KEEN’s Website workshops are intensive and crucial in wireframing a website that will serve more than the purpose of being aesthetically pleasing or modern. Laying out the groundwork allowed us to provide EGF with a website that spoke to its audiences but also provided them with the ability to communicate their purpose and value to the community. With information regarding housing, applications, community news, FAQs, company history and employment opportunities, The Evergreens Foundation website became a one-stop resource for anyone passionate about their offerings, internally and externally. KEEN also created a new logo and brand collateral to support The Evergreens Foundation in creating awareness for their service offerings.


  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • Digital Growth