L7 Architecture Inc.

Infinitely Adaptable

We partnered with L7 Architecture Inc. to not only rename but rebrand — including logo development, business cards, photos, and a custom website.

The Project

As an established architecture firm undergoing a change in ownership, Bennett Architect needed a name and brand that would reflect its mantra of infinite adaptability. KEEN worked collaboratively with them to build just that, and provided them with the messaging and tools to make the most of their new identity.

When Bennett Architect needed a modern brand that reflected their infinite adaptability, they came to KEEN. After extensive research into the market and competitors, we held a brainstorming session with the client to come up with a new name that would fully capture their identity. Building on inspiration from The Seven Lamps of Architecture, L7 Architecture became the pillar around which the client’s brand would be built. KEEN developed the L7 logo using a robust colour-texture palette to ensure a high-end yet flexible feel that would make L7 stand out amongst a diverse and creative landscape. With a new brand in hand, L7 needed tools to make the most of it. KEEN constructed a variety of brand collateral pieces, including business cards as well as specialized resume and proposal templates to give L7 an edge in the architectural space. The final piece of the L7 suite was an aesthetic and functional website that gives L7’s portfolio a larger-than-life feel while showing the down-to-earth and accessible nature of the team.


  • Increased Conversions
  • Digital Growth
  • Market Expansion