Knowing Your Audience

By recalibrating their campaigns, we helped Wagepoint make payroll a whole lot easier for small businesses.

The Project

Wagepoint is a simple payroll software created for small businesses and payroll professionals. The company partnered with KEEN to develop and manage their digital marketing, specifically Google and Facebook Ads. As a payroll software company, Wagepoint’s goals centered on educating their audience about their service and increasing their client base.

During the discovery workshop, KEEN explored Wagepoint’s business model, primary client services, industry, and seasonality of the market in order to get a deeper understanding of their goals and objectives. KEEN team performed an audit of Wagepoint’s existing Google and Facebook campaigns. Working with the Wagepoint team, we decided to overhaul their campaigns and create new ones. The key to building successful Google Ads campaigns was breaking them down by their desired target audience. This strategy allowed us to create ad copy directly addressing small business owners and payroll professionals. As these campaigns were built on both Google and Facebook, we also focused on creating the appropriate conversions through Google Ads and Facebook Pixel. This strategy resulted in Wagepoint growing from a positioning and awareness standpoint. By adjusting the ad copy to reflect the industry’s seasonality, there’s been a 277% increase in signup conversions through the ads.


  • Increased Sales & Conversions
  • Digital Growth
  • Increase Brand Advocates